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American Elite Outfitters about us imageWe Know Truck Parts

American Elite Outfitters, Welcome to American Elite Outfitters! We carry the most popular lines to accessorize your truck.  From truck suspension lift kits, tires, and rims to bedliners, we have you covered!  Our bed liners have been protecting truckbeds and enhancing the appearance of pickups since 1991. Only the highest quality polyurea/polyurethane hybrid material goes into an American Elite Outfitters liner. This unique chemical formulation combines the right mixture of toughness, strength, flexibility, abrasion, and cut resistance - even in hot weather, adding up to the best and most attractive truckbed protection available.

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Truck Accessories & Truck Lift Kits in San Antonio

We are San Antonio's one stop truck shop.  We provide full service and installation for truck lift lits, truck bed covers, tires, wheels, front bumpers, rear bumpers, grille guards, and much more!  Our staff are experts in choosing the right accessories for your truck.  If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to call us.  We also have a full service custom paint shop and paintless dent repair shop

Truck Accessories & Installation In San Antonio, TX

Popular Truck Accessories

Whether you drive a truck for work, family life, or simply for pleasure, one of the best parts of truck ownership is the opportunity to accessorize, personalize and ‘pimp your ride.’ Perhaps you love top of the line LED lighting, or you enjoy customizing your front and rear bumpers? Do you crave monster tires and wheels, or want maximum protection? Truck accessories are a growing business; is your vehicle up to scratch?

Step Bars

A must have for any truck owner. A good step bar should be among your first purchases. The chore of climbing up to the cab and leaping back down will soon become tedious. Nerf bars, running boards, and step bars are all options available to you, depending on your unique needs and style.

As well as helping you enter and exit your vehicle with sophisticated style - as opposed to flinging yourself dramatically in and out - a step bar can also help to prevent collisions. This was the original job of Nerf bars; they were popularized on race tracks to prevent the wheels of race cars from getting tangled and potentially flipping. Hopefully, you won’t experience anything so dramatic, but it helps to be prepared.

Grill Guards

Once you have the sides covered, it’s important not to neglect the front of your truck. A grill guard can be a great addition. Protect yourself from collisions with animals far bigger than you, parking lot fender-benders, or provide extra protection when driving off-road.

Truck Lift Kits

Although technically an accessory, these are important enough to warrant their very own section. A truck lift kit is a modification which can be used to lift the body of your truck and raise the ride height.

There are several benefits to a truck lift. It can allow for steeper angles on approach, departure, and breakthrough, as well as offering higher ground clearance, which is perfect if you are traveling off-road through rocky terrain. Also, a lift can help accommodate larger wheels and tires, whether for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Lift Kit San Antonio

There are two main types of lift kits:

Suspension lift kits work by suspending the body, frame, engine, and powertrain above the wheels. The kit increases the distance between the axles and the chassis. This can be a more expensive option and may require installation expertise to cover issues with steering, braking, and axle modifications.

Body lift kits work by using a system of spacers, or blocks, to raise the body above the frame. Only the distance between the body and frame increases and other elements such as steering are unaffected. There is no need to modify core suspension components, and this often makes them cheaper.

The option you choose will depend on your preferences, budget and the purpose of your truck. Both options have pros and cons, but this is the ultimate way to ensure your vehicle catches the eye while performing at the top of its game.

Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Your truck is an investment, and it’s important to ensure protection even when it’s not in use. Tonneau covers can both protect your truck and look stylish.

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft covering which can be used to cover the bed of your truck. This not only offers protection from the elements, and prevents your bed from filling with snow or rainwater, it can also be used to protect items stored in the back of your truck.

Roll-up tonneaus are the most common type and are typically made from cloth or vinyl. A rib-like structure is used to keep the fabric taut and support it during use, and the cover is opened by rolling it toward the back of the truck.

Hard roll-up tonneaus also an option. These are constructed from a wall of aluminum slats covered in soft vinyl. When unrolled, the slats form a shell. That shell can be used to protect cargo and support a weight of up to 400 pounds.

Retractable units are mounted to the front and side of the truck bed. It’s then rolled up from the tailgate towards the cab. Typically made of vinyl, plastic or aluminum they also tend to be more secure as they can be locked. However, they do require a longer installation time.

Different materials such as fiberglass, hard plastic, or aluminum are also increasing in popularity. They tend to be more substantial and more permanent, often containing multiple compartments for the ultimate accessibility.

Spray On Bedliners

Your truck bed can see a lot of wear and tear throughout its everyday life. Items stored or transported can leave scratches or dents. Adverse weather conditions can take a toll, and dirt and gravel can leave their mark. Spray on bed liners can help to solve and prevent these issues. The popularity of this option is increasing as drivers realize the value in a long-term, durable solution. Spray-on bedliners can be applied in several ways. Professionals use methods such as rollers, cartridges which are driven by an air compressor, or a high-pressure machine to apply spray on bedliners. It’s essential to prepare the bed correctly before application to ensure the best results. The type of coating can vary. Polyurethane is sprayed in thicknesses between 1/16 of an inch and 4 inches, depending on the owner’s needs. Thinner applications will be cheaper initially but may chip and crack over time. Thicker coatings run the risk of destroying the natural shape and size of the truck bed. It is best to check with a professional to see which choice is best for your truck. This process requires a professional, but when applied correctly it can be invaluable in resisting denting and scratching. They can also retain enough flexibility to resist cracking in rough terrain. Painted metal has the potential to chip and rust during repeated exposure to harsh conditions. A polyurethane coating, however, can not only prevent scratches but protect the truck from chemicals, helping to avoid rusting.

Investing in quality accessories can help you take better care of your truck, and make it look amazing. If you’re looking for the top protection and the ultimate style, check out some must-have accessories, and

transform your truck.


San Antonio's Truck Accessories & Spray On Bedliner Superstore

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