Which should you buy?

Well, before you make a quick decision, consider the six key characteristics that determine the best choice for your truck: Protection, Durability, Skid-Resistance, Appearance, Warranty, and Cost.

If you’re a drop-in type, don’t overlook such weak points as:

  • Older rubber units don’t protect the inner bedsides
  • Plastic liners are known to trap water between the liner and the bed, leading to rust or corrosion
  • Plastic liners can become noisy at highway speeds due to vibration and wind
  • Plastic units can vibrate and may come loose over time
  • Once loose, plastic units can wear through paint on the bed floor, exposing bare metal, and eventually leading to

You know you’re e spray-on type, if

  • Keeping rust and corrosion out of the equation is a major concern
  • Dent protection is important to you
  • You like a finished look for your truck bedliner