Ameraguard Truck Accessories in San Antonio, TX

While your wife may not take kindly to the suggestion of a breast augmentation or your husband might get his feelings hurt if you hint at a male breast reduction, all trucks love cosmetics, especially lifts and levels.

In almost all cases, lifting or leveling your truck improves its looks.

If you want to do something special for your loved one, but aren't sure what lift or level best suits your pickup's needs, it's best to break the options down into body lifts, leveling kits and suspension lifts.

Body Lifts

A body lift is the addition of space between the frame of your pickup truck and the body. The geometry of your truck's suspension is not affected by a body lift.

Blocks and spacers are used to add distance between the frame and body.

Bump and holes in a road, braking or accelerating hard, and even crawling over rocks will not change the lifted distance between the body of the truck and the frame.

Pros of Body Lift

If you like the handle of your truck as it is, but want more ground clearance at a minimal price, a body lift is an excellent option.

Cons of Body Lift

If you're looking for a dramatic change with respect to clearance, body lifts are limited. There is only so much you can do with blocks and spacers.

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Leveling Kits

One would think that a pickup truck's body is naturally level, but it isn't. All trucks come with a varying degree of rake. Rake is the automotive industry's technical term for the tail to nose slope trucks have to offset the drop in the tail end when the bed is loaded down with cargo.

Without rake, a pickup sags in the back when it is loaded down. In addition to looking ridiculous, a truck with sag in the back upon being loaded is more difficult to steer. Enough sag and it is impossible to see the road over the hood.

But, not all trucks are used to carry heavy loads in the back. If that is the case with your truck, a leveling kit will lift the front end to match the elevation of the bed.

In effect, a leveling kit raises the front end of the truck which makes the pickup's ground clearance uniform from front to back.

Pros of Leveling

Leveling your truck adds uniformity to a truck's look. Removing a truck's rake almost always adds aesthetic appeal to a pickup.

Cons of Rake

In addition to the fact that removing the rake from a truck can lead to premature bushings, shocks and springs to fail prematurely if you level your truck and start hauling heavy load -- like a body lift -- a leveling kit adds a limited amount of clearance to a truck.

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Suspension Lifts

As the name suggests, suspension lifts involve altering the suspension on your vehicle. For a minor suspension lift, you can change the shocks or struts or add leaves to the springs, but more dramatic changes may demand you alter the steering components and even change out the driveshaft.

While considerably more complex than a body lift, suspension lifts allow you to increase ground clearance to a much greater degree, increase the dimensions of your tires, and increase the maximum up-to-down travel of your suspension.

Generally, the farther off-road you get, the more extensive a suspension lift your truck requires.

Cons of a Suspension Lift

Depending on how dramatically you change your suspension, you can reduce the stability of a vehicle, reduce steering radius if you add larger tires, and even modify it to the point it is no longer street legal.

Pros of a Suspension Lift

A suspension lift is about the most dramatic modification you can make to a truck that is visible without opening the hood or the doors!

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