Leader in Truck Flatbed Fabrication Wins Over San Antonio Truck Owners

It’s the truck build you’ve always dreamed of — and on paper it looks fantastic. So, how do you make it happen? Maybe your customization design is simple and straightforward or perhaps it’s tricky — the Ameraguard in-house fabrication team meets every expectation and challenge thrown its way.

San Antonio’s largest distributor of truck flatbed accessories offers the most top-rated truck flatbed fabrications. The Ameraguard product selection is not restricted to truck bodies either — the company stocks or special orders most vehicle and truck accessories — including toolboxes, LED light bars, floormats, steps, sprayed bedliners, and aftermarket tires and wheels.

Leading Truck Flatbed Fabrication Shop

Ameraguard is honored to be one of the best truck flatbed fabrication shops in the San Antonio area.Customization gives you the ultimate truck — the one you’ve been daydreaming of. An in-house expert team of trusted professionals can fabricate any truck accessory that you want or require. truck bodies are easier to preserve, lighter, and more adaptable than steel — and precision-engineered to deliver durable, long-lasting strength.

The truck flatbed fabrication department is exclusively dedicated to working on the vocational section of your truck. The equipment technicians have the tools and experience to install, fabricate, modify, or remove any part of your vehicle body.

Ameraguard works with a wide range of truck sizes and variations. Choosing the right body and accessories for your truck is one of the most important decisions you must make. Ameraguard ensures that you not only make the right choice for your truck flatbed conversion but also that the fabrication of your custom truck body is of the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The fabrication team at Ameraguard provides custom solutions to adapt liftgates for trucks of all shapes and sizes. And if you’re looking for a way to keep your equipment organized on a smaller scale, the experts at Ameraguard also offer toolbox fabrication.

Ameraguard San Antonio Texas

Trucks have always been a vital part of American car culture. If you are lucky enough to take your flatbed a step further with fabrication — it’s a head-turner in a modern-day world.

Customization takes these machines that were once strictly designed for pleasure and turned them into an all-in-one package — suitable for road trips, leisure, work, and even performance.

Ameraguard in San Antonio works diligently to provide customers with the right products to match their truck flatbed vision. The company is on a mission to be there every step of the way — from inspiration to installation.