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Sprayed Bedliner Application Process

Prep and Sanding

  • Install paper protective sheets in driver’s side carpet and protect seat
  • Inspect the integrity of the bed, body and paint
  • Clean the bed with hand towels and mild soap
  • Carefully remove the tailgate
  • Remove access panels and screws from the tailgate
  • Back out and mask bed bolts
  • Remove bed accessories, rails, or tie downs
  • Hand rub and degrease the bed
  • Prepare minor dents and scrapes in the bed to be filled
  • Repair minor damage
  • Abrade the truck’s bed for superior adhesion between bed and line
  • Hand clean and remove dust from entire bed
  • Apply an edge cutting tape to assure clean, sharp lines
  • Apply masking tape and mask the entire truck body with plastic/paper to protect from overspray
  • Start up the proprietary Ameraguard high-pressure system equipment
  • Spray a test application to insure proper flow of material from spray gun
  • Move the truck into the spray- booth area
Spray Application
  • Apply a thin initial coat to the bedliner
  • Spray to six coats (approx. 20 mil each) to bed floor; three coats on both the sides
  • Use exclusive spray technique for a consistent textured finish with no drips, snags or runs
  • Spray tailgate
Final Steps
  • Inspect bed liner for superior aesthetics and complete coverage
  • Pull wire from edge tape at the perfect angle to achieve crisp, laser straight lines
  • Remove excess material, tape adhesive and masking paper; wipe down truck
  • Hand touch up edges
  • Replace tailgate access panels and bolts
  • Re-install and align tailgate
  • Remove masking from bed bolts and tighten to manufacturers specifications
  • Deliver a great-looking, seamless application long-lasting bedliner