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Sprayed Bedliner Product Overview

SAN ANTONIO TX – Ameraguard Sprayed Bedliners have been protecting truck beds and enhancing the appearance of pickups since 1991. Now, 20+ years later, the company has grown into a family of nationwide dealers across North America, whose commitment is built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality and dedication to serving its customers.

Before most spray-on bedliners competitors entered the market, Ameraguard was well on its way to establishing itself as the most technically advanced in the industry. Its unique chemical formulation – a hybrid blend that combines the right blend of toughness, strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance – is the best and most attractive truck bed protection available.

“With a dedicated marketing support team and a category-leading product and application, our dealer network and overall growth has thrived,” said Danny Rios, general manager for Ameraguard Coatings Inc.

“We’re proud that our high-quality materials, equipment and technical expertise have enabled us to make a positive contribution to the bedliner industry and the support of our dealer network through the years. “

After years of research and experimentation, Amerguard Sprayed Bedliners pioneered the two-step, non-fade color system in 1995. Now the standard in the industry, the Amerguard color process can match any customer demand for a sprayed-on bed liner that is the same shade as the truck’s exterior, including metallic and pearl finishes, with a fade-free aliphatic finish.

All Ameraguard color bedliners (excluding black) are matched to factory color codes using automotive paint pigments and then applied with an Aliphatic Elastomer topcoat. The result is a vibrant color that can be maintained as long as any automotive finish.

“Some companies in our industry claim that their colors will not fade because they have “UV stabilizers” in their aromatic urethane,” said Rios, “that is chemically impossible. Even the best stabilizers will only slow down the rate of discoloration, not prevent it. Therefore, if it is not aliphatic urethane it WILL change color over time.”

About Ameraguard

Ameraguard is the only bedliner protection company that develops its own specially formulated hybrid blend of Polyuretanes and Polyureas, creating a product that outperforms the competition for these reasons:

  • User-Friendly – can be applied in virtually any climate/weather conditions
  • Seamless-Application - bonds to the truck bed in five seconds -- slow enough that it “wets” into body seams but fast enough not to run, sag or drip
  • Great-Looking Texture - optimally balanced blend of material that produces a slip resistant, fine-textured appearance
  • Highest-Tensile Strength - offers physical properties unlike the competition
  • Rich, Black Color - a heavy loading of high-grade pigment resists chalking longer than other black sprayed bedliners