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Visiting La Villita in San Antonio Texas

About La Villita in San Antonio

La Villita is a history-rich art community in downtown San Antonio, with nearly 300 years-worth of history to become what it is today. The village is home to many art galleries, restaurants and stores that sell pottery, jewelry, custom made gift items, wood carvings, curios, souvenirs, and other items. The village was saved by Mayor Maury Maverick.

He saw the vision of the village as a restored village to become a “symbol and monument to those simple people who had made possible the great city which had grown up around it.” This is the vision that Maverick had when he proposed to save the village as it were, not to become a ghost town but to allow the average citizen to enjoy the village in their day to day activities.

The La Villita is now registered in the National Register of Historic Places listings in Bexar County, Texas. The village is one block long encompassing 27 buildings. The buildings have since been renamed to commemorate Pan-American heroes and patriots.

Walking along the La Villita gives you the feeling that you are in the most traditional part of San Antonio. There are cobble stoned streets built in the 20th century and all the buildings along the La Villita are traditional.

Shopping at the La Villita

The shopping experience here is like no other. The shops are locally operated by native craftsmen and artisans that keep the culture and artistry of San Antonio alive. Here you will find many different shops offering gift items, cultural apparel, hand crafted items, leather items, jewelry and original artistry products.

Some of the shops you can visit here include: Angelita, Besarte, Bird$Pear, B&C Leather Designs & Unique Finds, B.Link, Little Studio Gallery, Niosa Crafters, River Art Group, Starving Artist Art Group, Villa Tesoros, and Villita Stained Glass, amongst others.

Dining at the La Villita

There are four restaurants that offer culinary experiences or quick grab and on-the-go menus for your dining experience. You can dine at the Fig Tree Restaurant, La Villita Café, Little Rhein Steak House and Guadalajara grill. Here you can eat Tex-Mex dishes, steaks and other sizzling flavors to stimulate your taste buds.

Guadalajara offers various Mexican foods to try out. Whether you want a full meal or just some nachos, sandwiches and bites, the local restaurants have them all. You can also enjoy their margaritas. If you want some fine steaks and wine, visit the Little Rhein Steak house.

Fun Local Events

La villita village is home to many annual events and extravaganzas that showcase the culture and traditions of the people of San Antonio. Some of the events you can look out for include: Diwali San Antonio, Fiesta Navideria, and Dia de Los Muertos Celebration.

The La Villita is a good culmination for your shopping, dining and entertainment while keeping abreast with local culture. It is a must-visit when touring the local city, whether you’re visiting for business or a vacation. You can do and see much more when visiting this attraction in San Antonio.

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