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Visiting Market Square in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio's Market Square

Market Square, located in downtown San Antonio, is a historic market located in the “El Mercado,” a building constructed in 1939. During that time, the building was named the ‘Municipal Truck Market’, but locals called it the farmers’ market because produce was sold in the market.

Farmers sold their produce from the back of their trucks. In 1975, renovations were done on the market to convert it to what it is today, an enclosed, air-conditioned Mercado. Market Square, San Antonio, is a Mexican-themed market with many shops and merchants selling Mexican items and souvenirs.

You’ll also find shops that serve Mexican food and Mexican restaurants in the market. It is a colorful market with Mexican sights and sounds. The market is three blocks big, making it the biggest Mexican market in the United States. It is also dubbed the largest Mexican market out of Mexico just because of how large it is.

Things to do at the Market Square, San Antonio


Market Square offers the best when it comes to shopping. It houses 100 shops selling different types of Mexican items such as clothing, souvenirs, piñatas, jewelry, textiles, bags, purses, artifacts, shoes, hats, toys, pottery, exotic curios, handcrafted items, art, leather goods, cultural apparel, wood carvings, and so much more.

You will be spoilt for choice because the market has many vendors selling nice things you’re bound to like, but can’t buy them all. Prices are also affordable. Shopping is made easy by the open air shopping experience you get from the market. It is also clean and well maintained.


Mi Tierra Café and Bakery, La Margarita Restaurant and Oyster Bar and Viva Villa Taqueria are the three main restaurants in the market. The Mi Tierra Café and Bakery is opened 24 hours; here you can enjoy a wide variety of Tex-Mex dishes.

The restaurant was opened back in 1941. Besides dishes, they also serve pastry delicacies in their bakery. Buy drinks at the bars, including margaritas, beer and tequila. They also have live mariachi performers in the bar for your entertainment. The La Margarita restaurant is known to be the first American restaurant to serve sizzling Fajitas.

A wide range of Tex Mex dishes, desserts and appetizers make up menus at the restaurants. They are also known for their margaritas including flavored margaritas. The Viva Villa Taqueria is a haven for those who love tacos. They serve menus with over 30 chef-made taco dishes. They also serve crafted beer and other drinks.

Enjoy Live Events

Market square is a hub of activity on Saturdays and other holidays when live Mexican musical performances and dances are the order of the day, including cultural Mexican practices on show. If you would love to see a spectacle of Mexican culture up close then you should visit Market Square when the fiesta is on.

With beautiful shops, a rich history, friendly merchants, colorful decorations, Mexican eateries, and cultural performances, Market Square San Antonio is definitely a place you must visit even if you have no plans to shop.

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