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The Go-To Company for Truck Flatbed Conversion in San Antonio

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas — American Elite Outfitters Elite provides consumers an extensive range of exclusive truck accessories. American Elite Outfitters offers products from brands that stand behind the values of functionality, engineering, quality, and — of course design. What started in 2005 to provide the best bedliners on the market, American Elite Outfitters of San Antonio, has grown into a family of dealers across North America — built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. American Elite Outfitters set out to be different — to provide universal products that reduce inventory costs for shops and dealerships and reduce installation times and customers' costs. San Antonio’s premier automotive truck accessory shop is now the choice of over 100 shops across North America. protective coatings.

Truck Flatbed Conversion in San Antonio Texas

The pickup truck has become one of the most invaluable vehicles of all-times. The legendary, versatile truck can be the megastar on the family camping trip or the power icon hauling or towing anything you need to transport. Many pickup owners understand the importance of protecting their investment, which has led to the rise of truck accessories. American Elite Outfitters has become the go-to company for truck flatbed conversions — offering products with style and dependability, which is on full display with each conversion completed.

The benefits of choosing American Elite Outfitters flatbed conversions:
  • The latest, most innovative designs and accessories in stock
  • Diverse lineup to fit almost any cab and chassis or take-off body unit
  • The most innovative and dependable materials, designed for long-term
  • Installation team that doesn’t cut corners or safety procedures

How Truck Flatbed Conversion is Completed


A truck flatbed conversion allows you an open surface for cargo and easy access to the truck bed. Let’s look at the standard steps required to complete a flatbed conversion.

  • Step 1.Once the truck is stripped down to a bare frame, brackets or mounting straps are bolted to the truck frame. Front brackets are located at the front box mounts. The center brackets near the axle and the rear mounts located at the back of the frame. A total of six brackets are typically required.
  • Step 2.Lengthen the fuel line.
  • Step 3.Two lifts to hoist truck bed down on brackets and align with cab.
  • Step 4.Weld the truck bed to the mounting brackets and connect wiring.
  • Step 5.A hole is cut on the side of truck bed for fuel pump.
  • Step 6.Bolt pump into the truck bed side and attach fuel line.
  • Step 7.Add any custom boxes or accessories.
  • Step 8.Check to make certain lights and fuel line are working correctly.
  • Step 9.Install bumper with or without a hitch.
  • Step 10.Complete any additional welding required to complete the installation.

American Elite Outfitters San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas

Revolutionizing the truck accessory industry, American Elite Outfitters is making history with a demanding focus on innovation, creativity, and unmatched customer service. Denote as the most prominent truck accessory company in San Antonio, Texas, American Elite Outfitters gives customers an immersive and engaging experience using expert advice and comprehensive education — on every product sold or installed.