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Commercial Fleet Outfitting

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas — American Elite Outfitters provides consumers an extensive range of exclusive truck accessories. American Elite Outfitters offers products from brands that stand behind the values of functionality, engineering, quality, and — of course design. What started in 2005 to provide the best bedliners on the market, American Elite Outfitters of San Antonio, has grown into a family of dealers across North America — built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. American Elite Outfitters set out to be different — to provide universal products that reduce inventory costs for shops and dealerships and reduce installation times and customers' costs. San Antonio’s premier automotive truck accessory shop is now the choice of over 100 shops across North America. Whether you drive a truck every day as a personal liking, for work, or simply for the family lifestyle, the trendiest part of truck ownership is the opportunity to accessorize your prized possession. Perhaps your ultimate checklist comprises of LED lighting and soundly constructed front and rear bumpers. Or maybe your all-time dream is to have monster tires and an out-of-this-world bedliner. Truck accessories are a growing demand — and American Elite Outfitters is leading the way. protective coatings.

Truck Accessories a Growing Trend in San Antonio

Flatbed Conversions

Start with or strip down to a deck and build your dream flatbed truck conversion. Farm life, commercial moves, or just personal ideas for the truck of your dreams, a custom flatbed conversion by American Elite Outfitters will bring your vision to life. The flatbed is the base for all that you want, from straightforward truck trays to fully built-out truck bodies — and everything in between.



Your truck bed is like a crime scene of wear and tear. Items stored or transported can leave scratches and unwarranted dents. Adverse weather circumstances can send your truck through the wringer. Spray bedliners protect your investment with a long-term, durable solution. When applied by American Elite Outfitters experts, it can be invaluable for resisting denting and scratching. Bedliners can also retain enough flexibility to resist cracking in rough terrain and provide rust-free rewards.

Bed Covers

How do you cover up and protect your favorite truck? America’s best-selling hard and soft bed covers can be customized to roll, slide, fold, or lock. Find a protective, bold design and style to complement your swag. A tonneau cover protects your bedliner and the cargo from rain, snow, would-be-bandits — all while improving your truck’s appearance and utility.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension Lift Kits

A truck lift kit is a bold-faced conversion which can be used to lift the body of your truck and raise the ride height. Truck lifts allow for steeper angles on approach, departure, and breakthrough — offer higher ground clearance, and help accommodate larger wheels and tires.


Step up. Step down. It’s a tedious process of up and down if you don’t spoil your truck with steps. Not only is it easier access into your truck or on to your truck bed, but it can also help prevent collisions. Steps are deemed one of the top stylish accessories for truck customization. Take your pick — nerf bars, running boards, or step bars are all options available to secure your style.

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Toolboxes in the truck industry — are a man’s best friend. It’s the picture-perfect storage solution that fits seamlessly with your truck bed cover. Whether you like wheel well, single lid-lift, or utility chest — toolboxes are the perfect addition to a tonneau bed cover. American Elite Outfitters will help you choose the right material and finish to protect your gear and steal the show.


Aftermarket replacement bumpers are geared toward style and performance. American Elite Outfitters' selection of front and rear bumpers are intended to provide your truck with enhanced resistance to damage caused by impacts and collisions.



Your truck gets beat up enough. Why not custom fit your interior with after-market floormats? Contain the mud, snow, dirt, coffee, grease, or whatever falls to the floor. And the coolest part? Pull them out, hose them down — and it’s brand-new all over again. Floormats provide your upholstery protection and preserve the value of your truck.

Leaders of Innovation — American Elite Outfitters San Antonio

San Antonio Texas

American Elite Outfitters San Antonio is a leader of innovation. The company offers top-rated, groundbreaking truck accessories. Truck accessories allow you to personalize and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your truck. Staying on top of the industry, American Elite Outfitters pledges to offer innovative products created from high-quality materials, superior engineering, and cutting-edge manufacturing. American Elite Outfitters understands what customers want before even they know it themselves. The company is working behind-the-scenes to continue to provide the industry with customizations for more than just pickup trucks.