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    We offer 0% for 6 Months with approved credit through GE's CareCare One program! Find out if you qualify immediately, apply here from the Car Care One!

  • $100 Off when you purchase a complete Lift or Leveling Kit, and a set of tires & wheels $100 Off when you purchase a complete Lift or Leveling Kit, and a set of tires & wheels Take $100 off when you purchase any lift or leveling kit with a set of 4 wheels and tires! Don't forget we offer financing for those who qualify!
  • $25 Off Any Spray In Bedliner $25 Off Any Spray In Bedliner Take $25 dollars off any Ameraguard Spray in Bed Liner. We are also giving a complimentary logo with this coupon. Our Liners Come With a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty. Not valid with any other offer or discount.
  • $25 Off Installation of HID $25 Off Installation of HID Take $25 dollars off installation of HIDs.
  • $25 Off Installation of any Grille Guard or Bumper $25 Off Installation of any Grille Guard or Bumper Take $25 off installation of any grille guard or replacement bumper. Cannot be combined with any other special.

Our Testimonials | Ameraguard Truck Accessories

We appreciate your comments! Please feel free to email us at with any feedback you may have. Below are some customer comments we have received.
  • Zachery Hale "I recommend Ameraguard to all of the customers that buy GMCs from me. Way better than the other liners in the market."
  • Monica Aguayo Johnson "Absolutely the BEST customer service and custom work in San Antonio!!! I recommend anyone to travel if you want work done RIGHT! Thank you Ameraguard of San Antonio!!! <3"
  • Brent Sharp "Best in San Antonio!!"

Spray In Bedliners

  • Whole Vehicle

    If you're serious about protecting your truck, and want to take your truck to the next level of customization, Ameraguard can spray your entire vehicle. Whether you choose to use our standard black, or color, we can customize your vehicle like no other. Say goodbye to scratches and minor dings, and hello to the most durable finish on the market today.

  • Utility Trucks and Trailers

    Ameraguard doesn't just coat truck beds and accessories, we coat commercial vehicles as well. From utility trucks, to boom trucks, we had recovered. We can also coat the inside of your trailer to your toy hauler, to extend the life of your floors and walls.

  • Truck Bedliner

    Ameraguard bedliners are the toughest and most durable bedliners available. Lab data shows our liners outperform the top brands (including brand “X”) in hardness, abrasion, & tear resistance, all backed by a nationwide Totalcare Warranty. Ameraguard is San Antonio’s most popular and strongest bedliner.

  • Tool Boxes & Headache Racks

    Toolboxes and headache racks are some of the most abused accessories on the truck. Are coatings can protect the finish of your bed accessories from the elements, and the daily use of your truck.

  • Steps and Running Boards

    Are you looking for extra traction for your steps or running boards? Ameraguard can apply our durable coating to your replacement or factory steps, to provide extra traction and durability.

  • Rocker Panels & Fender Flares

    Are you tired of rock chips or want to add the second color to your truck? Ameraguard can spray your rocker panels and fender flares in black or the color of your choosing. This is one of our most popular options, and will protect your truck from road debris and door dings.

  • Jeeps Interior/Exterior

    Jeep owners are serious about customizing their jeeps. We have a custom coating packages that add the look and and scratch protection you are looking for, while preventing rust or corrosion. Options include spraying the jeep tub, fender flares, rocker panels, bumpers, or even the entire exterior! We offer standard black, to UV stable gloss black, all the way to factory matched colors. Call or inquire today to take your jeep to the next level!

  • Grille Guards

    Grille guards typically come with a powder coat finish. Depending on the quality of the powder coat, rust and chips often occur. Ameraguard can coat your grille guard with a much more durable finish. You can choose standard black, UV stable glossy black, or match to your factory paint code.

  • Bumpers (Factory or Replacement)

    Ameraguard often coats factory bumpers. Whether you are trying to blackout your truck, or delete your chrome, we have options for you. If you purchased a replacement bumper, we can provide you with a much more durable coating, or provide a color to match your paint.

  • Available in Black of Factory Matched Colors

    All Ameraguard bedliners and accessory coatings are available from standard black, UV stable glossy black, all the way to a UV stable factory color coded liners. Our color matched liners even match your metallic finishes. Our UV stable topcoats are about as hard as a golf ball! Our liners can go from mild to wild.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Other Lighting

    Still have other lighting ideas? Ameraguard can satisfy all your lighting needs from ground effects to stop lighting. Caller inquired today.

  • LED Truck Bed Lighting

    Ameraguard carries various lighting options for your truck bed. Options include battery-powered LED strips, hardwired LED strips, and various other options.

  • LED Reverse Lights

    Tired of your yellowish reverse lights? We can convert your reverse lights to LED technology for that customize look.

  • LED Light Bars

    Ameraguard carries a full line of LED light bars. From namebrand bars like Rigid to other more modestly priced bars, we can help you light up the night! Light bars range from 6 inches all the way up to 50 inches. Call to schedule a demo today.

  • LED Exterior LED

    Ameraguard stocks a full line of LEDs cab lights, and running lights. Convert your entire vehicle to LED lights today!

  • LED Blinkers

    We can convert your stock blinkers to LEDs. Converting them is a simple as changing a light bulb. Come to our showroom to see your options.

  • HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kits

    One of our most common upgrades are the integration of HID's to your factory headlight system. HID's are up to three times brighter than factory headlights. This is the same technology that hiring cars have been using for years. These lights are only recommended for off-road use only.

  • LED Interior Lighting

    Ameraguard can customize your interior lighting with an LED upgrade. You will find when you upgrade to an LED, you will increase brightness and the color will be a pure white. We also have blue LEDs available for certain applications. Call or inquire today.

Lift Kits

  • Tires & Rims

    Ameraguard offers a full line of tires and rims through various partners. Check out our online store for details.

  • Suspension Kits

    Want to add more height to your truck or jeep? We carry various brands of lift kits from mild to wild.

  • Shocks

    Want a better ride for your truck? We offer various shocks from standard to gas charged. Check out our online store for our inventory today.

  • Roadmaster Active Suspension

    RAS is the only suspension upgrade that converts basic “passive” leaf springs into mechanically “active” suspension. A system that instantly absorbs and dissipates load force energy resulting in significantly improved vehicle stability, balance, traction and control, with or without a load.

  • Leveling Kits

    Want to level off your truck? A leveling kit is an inexpensive way to raise the front end and give you a leveled out look.

  • Body Lifts

    Do you want to raise your truck on a budget? Ameraguard offers reasonably priced body lift kits for your truck. Caller inquire today.

  • add a leaf

    Does your truck sag in the rear? We can install an add a leaf to help level it out even if you're not towing anything.

Frontier Truck Gear

  • Xtreme Grille Guards

    A bull bar that is functional and not decorative? The extreme grille guard from frontier maybe your answer. These guards are great for mounting lights and LED light bars.

  • Xtreme Front Bumper Replacements

    These bumpers are the same as the bumper listed above, but instead have a bullnose front ends. These bumpers are a great way to enhance the appearance of your truck.

  • Steps

    Frontier steps are a hybrid between running boards in an fast steel step bars. They are mounted directly to the frame, so they can handle more weight than your traditional Nerf bars.

  • Rear Bumpers

    Frontier rear bumpers add style without affecting your factory hitch receiver. They are available with and without lights, and can be sprayed by our Ameraguard liner.

  • Headache Racks

    Frontier headache racks can be customized to be with or without lights, or with or without the window cutout. They have a diamond plate finish to match their other accessories.

  • Grille Guards

    Check out our inventory to see frontier's full line of grille guards. Frontier offers the most heavy duty, best looking grille guards on the market today.

  • Front Bumper Replacements

    A heavy-duty front replacement bumper that does not weigh as much as the traditional pipe bumper. This allows you to put a full replacement bumper on half ton pickup, while reducing the wear and tear on your front suspension that traditional pipe bumper cause.

RKI & Weatherguard Toolboxes

  • Toolboxes

    WEATHER GUARD® Saddle Boxes are the toughest truck boxes in the business. Our saddle box suspends from the side rails of your pickup truck, allowing for plenty of room underneath. All WEATHER GUARD Aluminum and Steel Cross Boxes are built with the same tough features to keep your tools safe and secure. (RKI also available)

  • Pork Chop Boxes

    Designed for security, durability and weather resistance, WEATHER GUARD® Pork Chop Boxes offer convenient, out-of-the-way storage with over-the-wheel-well mounting to maximize the storage space in your pickup truck. Our wheel well truck boxes are designed to be installed around the rear wheel wells of full-size pickups and create lockable storage space in unused areas. WEATHER GUARD Pork Chop Boxes come in different sizes and styles to fit both your truck and your trade and are manufactured with the finest materials and most secure features.

  • Low Side Boxes

    WEATHER GUARD® Lo-Side and Super-Lo Side Boxes are the preferred solution to efficient storage for contracting professionals and service vehicles. Our Lo-Side Truck Boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools while keeping the bed of your truck clear for larger items. Lo-Side Boxes can be used separately or in combination with Cross Boxes or Saddle Boxes and come in different sizes and styles to match your truck and your trade. AllWEATHER GUARD Truck Boxes mount for a low profile over the side rails of your pickup and are made of heavy-gauge steel or aluminum and built to last.

  • Ladder Racks

    We offer a variety of ladder racks to address every trade – every business – every need. Our standard designs accommodate ladders and long material – all the oversized items you need to carry. Conduit and pipe carriers ensure the right stock is always available. Make your life simpler – choose WEATHER GUARD® Ladder Racks and make "The Professional's" Choice.

    Our FAST TRACK® System is designed for quick assembly and installation and works great with bedliners, because it mounts on the bed rails. Our WEEKENDER® Ladder Racks are easy-on, easy-off, side-mounted and ideal for the person who occasionally needs to carry a ladder or long material – like a kayak or canoe. Our ATR™ (Aluminum Truck Rack) is fully anodized, mounts to the top of bed rails, and fits both full-size and compact pickup trucks!

  • High Side Boxes

    New WEATHER GUARD® Hi-Side Truck Boxes now offer even more durability, security, organization and accessibility than ever before. Designed to carry more tools by freeing up the storage space in a cargo bed, WEATHER GUARD® Hi-Side Boxes mount on the side rails of a pickup and come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit both your needs and your trade. Now with greater protection from the elements and vandalism. Built to outlast the competition, just like you!

  • Headache Racks / Cab Protectors

    WEATHER GUARD® PROTECT-A-RAIL® Cab Protectors are designed to protect the cab of the pickup from shifting loads in the cargo area and provide heavy-duty cab protection. Our custom-fit installation kits feature a new mounting bracket that requires only one hole in the front rail and two holes in the side rail of the truck bed. We have headache rack models to fit both full-size and compact pickup trucks, so you can customize your PROTECT-A-RAIL Cab Protector to match both your truck and your trade.

  • Fuel Transfer Tanks

    WEATHER GUARD® Fuel Transfer Tanks are designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel only, from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment. Constructed of heavy 14-gauge steel, theinterior baffles prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcing, and the fill tube is reinforced with length that allows for tank expansion. Transfer tanks fit with most bed liners andWEATHER GUARD Cross and Saddle Boxes, and come in several capacities to fit your usage.

  • Floor Drawers

    Designed for heavy loads, WEATHER GUARD® PACK RAT® Drawer Units were also designed with modular shelving applications in mind. Have your equipment waiting for you as soon as you open the door. These heavy-duty pull-out drawer units can be mounted inside the side or rear doors. They offer easy access to hundreds of pounds of tools and supplies while leaving floor space open for hauling materials or moving in and out of the vehicle.

  • Crossboxes

    With two independent covers, WEATHER GUARD® Cross Boxes offer easy access from either side of the truck and can be used separately or in combination with Lo-Side Boxes and Super-Lo Boxes. Cross boxes come in different sizes and styles to match both your truck and your trade. AllWEATHER GUARD Aluminum and Steel Cross Boxes are built with the same tough features to keep your tools safe and secure. (RKI also available)

  • Chestbox

Protective Coatings

  • Waterproofing

    Ameraguard offers a variety of coatings that cater from your home, all the way to theme parks. We spray swimming pools and landing pads for theme park +slides. We can apply our coatings to prevent water and moisture from getting in or out your application. From a pond or tank lining to water fixtures and swimming pools, we have you covered.

  • Truck - Accessories

    Ask us about coatings not just your truck bed, but your factory bumpers, toolboxes, rocker panels, ,fender flares, or even your entire truck or Jeep. We also have flooring solutions for your garage or utility trailer. If you can paint it, you can Ameraguard it! Inquire about our package deals for larger projects.

  • Residential Decking

    The same coatings we use for concrete can be used on wood, fiberglass, and many other different substrates. Our clear coatings can also be applied over other coatings to protect the finish beneath them.

  • Residental Garage Flooring

    Do you want to protect your floor in your garage, deck, or pool? Ameraguard has you covered. We offer a wide variety of chip, quartz, metallic, sprayed and other decorative flooring options that can be applied to wood, metal, fiberglass, and concrete. These coatings are also applicable to auto service shops, oil change facilities, and our floors come with a comprehensive warranty. Let us put the finishing touch on your project!

  • Oil Field Coatings

    The oil and gas industry requires the toughest and most chemical resistant coatings. We have coatings that can handle what you need, from primary containment, to H2S corrosion, and slip resistance for when the elements get tough. Most of coatings dry in seconds which minimize down time. Time is money, and Ameraguard will get you operational faster and longer.

  • Marine - Boats

    Ameraguard applies a full line of coatings to protect your boat and trailer. We often remove carpet and apply Ameraguard for a skid resistant surface that will not crack or mildew, and resist excessive heat. We can also coat your trailer to prevent rust and corrosion. Don’t forget to personalize your boat with graphics and window tinting (available from our sister store Tint World), Ask for your customized quote today!

  • Commericial Flooring

    Ameraguard’s coatings are some of the most durable and reliable finishes for commercial and warehouse applications. Some typical applications include areas with high wear traffic from people and even forklifts. Other applications include walk in freezers, bathrooms, and outdoor walkways where slip resistance is essential.

  • Bedliners

    Ameraguard offer the finest sprayed bedliner on the market today, all backed by a nationwide lifetime Totalcare Warranty. Ameraguard has spent over 20 years developing the highest performance liner that is available in black or to match your factory paint color. An optional UV stablizer is optional on all liners.

  • Automotive Service Flooring

    Automotive shops demand very chemical resistant and high wear traffic flooring. Ameraguard offers thin build and thick build floorings designed to out perform polyurethane and epoxy offerings. Our unique polyaspartic formulation is designed to work with oil, gas, and hydraulic fluid. Hot Car and truck tires can wear through other materials, while the Ameraguard CB-5072 is designed to stand the abuse.

  • Aggregate & Mining Coatings

    Ameraguard has specifically designed coatings to various application in the mining and aggregate hauling industry. Our HS-750 is our hardest application for releasing aggregates from trailers and transport devices. Our XR-900HAR is for high abrasion resistance. This material is primarily used for sand and is extremely resistant to the wear it causes.

Garage & Residential Coatings

  • Pools

    Your pool demands a cool surface, slip resistant surface, and minimize cracking. We can spray with a waterproof membrane, and seal your leaking pool, or use our polyaspartic for the cosmetic finish you are looking for. Inquire today for your many options to your pool area.

  • Ponds

    Ameraguard’s specialty is polyurea waterproofing coatings. Our U-6900 has an elongation of 650%, which means it stretches to keep your membrane from leaking. We use geotextiles to provide a base to spray over for decades of protection!

  • Garage Flooring

    Ameraguard offers a wide variety of finishes for your garage floor. We offer unlimited color customizations in chip, quartz, or classic styles. Our polyaspartic base will outperform any do it yourself material, and will hold up to your car tires heat and gasoline.

  • Decorative Flooring

    Our flooring can come in a variety of finishes. Our most decorative flooring is our quartz, or sand finish. We do however have metallic flooring options for that stained look. Our polyaspartic will outperform the epoxies and urethanes on the market today.

  • Decks

    Our polyaspartic clear is a coating second to none. It is very chemical resistant and can stretch to protect minor cracks. It can seal your wood deck for that look to last years. Gone are the days where you have to seal your deck every year or two!

Gas & Oil Field Coatings

  • Skid Resistant Surfaces
  • Salt Water Disposal

    As we know, saltwater is extremely corrosive and the right choice of protective coating is vital for longevity of your equipment. Ameraguard manufactures several different formulations of thick and thin build elastomeric protective coatings to stand up to the harsh environment protecting your investment.

  • Primary & Secondary Containment

    Depending on what’s being stored in concrete, steel, wood, or even dirt, Ameraguard’s technical team will custom design the correct coating system to best fit your primary or secondary containment specifications. Acid, H2S gas, fuel, oil, waste water, Ameraguard has several different formulations of pure polyurea to contain most harsh solutions and chemicals other coatings can’t.

  • H2S Corrosion Resistance
  • Geotextiles: Polyurea/Geotextile Elastomeric Lining System: Ameraguard of San Antonio’s technical
  • Colors Available
  • Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  • Batteries

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