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Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Other Lighting

    Still have other lighting ideas? Ameraguard can satisfy all your lighting needs from ground effects to stop lighting. Caller inquired today.

  • LED Truck Bed Lighting

    Ameraguard carries various lighting options for your truck bed. Options include battery-powered LED strips, hardwired LED strips, and various other options.

  • LED Reverse Lights

    Tired of your yellowish reverse lights? We can convert your reverse lights to LED technology for that customize look.

  • LED Light Bars

    Ameraguard carries a full line of LED light bars. From namebrand bars like Rigid to other more modestly priced bars, we can help you light up the night! Light bars range from 6 inches all the way up to 50 inches. Call to schedule a demo today.

  • LED Exterior LED

    Ameraguard stocks a full line of LEDs cab lights, and running lights. Convert your entire vehicle to LED lights today!

  • LED Blinkers

    We can convert your stock blinkers to LEDs. Converting them is a simple as changing a light bulb. Come to our showroom to see your options.

  • HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kits

    One of our most common upgrades are the integration of HID's to your factory headlight system. HID's are up to three times brighter than factory headlights. This is the same technology that hiring cars have been using for years. These lights are only recommended for off-road use only.

  • LED Interior Lighting

    Ameraguard can customize your interior lighting with an LED upgrade. You will find when you upgrade to an LED, you will increase brightness and the color will be a pure white. We also have blue LEDs available for certain applications. Call or inquire today.