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Protective Coatings

  • Waterproofing

    Ameraguard offers a variety of coatings that cater from your home, all the way to theme parks. We spray swimming pools and landing pads for theme park +slides. We can apply our coatings to prevent water and moisture from getting in or out your application. From a pond or tank lining to water fixtures and swimming pools, we have you covered.

  • Truck - Accessories

    Ask us about coatings not just your truck bed, but your factory bumpers, toolboxes, rocker panels, ,fender flares, or even your entire truck or Jeep. We also have flooring solutions for your garage or utility trailer. If you can paint it, you can Ameraguard it! Inquire about our package deals for larger projects.

  • Residential Decking

    The same coatings we use for concrete can be used on wood, fiberglass, and many other different substrates. Our clear coatings can also be applied over other coatings to protect the finish beneath them.

  • Residental Garage Flooring

    Do you want to protect your floor in your garage, deck, or pool? Ameraguard has you covered. We offer a wide variety of chip, quartz, metallic, sprayed and other decorative flooring options that can be applied to wood, metal, fiberglass, and concrete. These coatings are also applicable to auto service shops, oil change facilities, and our floors come with a comprehensive warranty. Let us put the finishing touch on your project!

  • Oil Field Coatings

    The oil and gas industry requires the toughest and most chemical resistant coatings. We have coatings that can handle what you need, from primary containment, to H2S corrosion, and slip resistance for when the elements get tough. Most of coatings dry in seconds which minimize down time. Time is money, and Ameraguard will get you operational faster and longer.

  • Marine - Boats

    Ameraguard applies a full line of coatings to protect your boat and trailer. We often remove carpet and apply Ameraguard for a skid resistant surface that will not crack or mildew, and resist excessive heat. We can also coat your trailer to prevent rust and corrosion. Don’t forget to personalize your boat with graphics and window tinting (available from our sister store Tint World), Ask for your customized quote today!

  • Commericial Flooring

    Ameraguard’s coatings are some of the most durable and reliable finishes for commercial and warehouse applications. Some typical applications include areas with high wear traffic from people and even forklifts. Other applications include walk in freezers, bathrooms, and outdoor walkways where slip resistance is essential.

  • Bedliners

    Ameraguard offer the finest sprayed bedliner on the market today, all backed by a nationwide lifetime Totalcare Warranty. Ameraguard has spent over 20 years developing the highest performance liner that is available in black or to match your factory paint color. An optional UV stablizer is optional on all liners.

  • Automotive Service Flooring

    Automotive shops demand very chemical resistant and high wear traffic flooring. Ameraguard offers thin build and thick build floorings designed to out perform polyurethane and epoxy offerings. Our unique polyaspartic formulation is designed to work with oil, gas, and hydraulic fluid. Hot Car and truck tires can wear through other materials, while the Ameraguard CB-5072 is designed to stand the abuse.

  • Aggregate & Mining Coatings

    Ameraguard has specifically designed coatings to various application in the mining and aggregate hauling industry. Our HS-750 is our hardest application for releasing aggregates from trailers and transport devices. Our XR-900HAR is for high abrasion resistance. This material is primarily used for sand and is extremely resistant to the wear it causes.