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Garage & Residential Coatings

  • Pools

    Your pool demands a cool surface, slip resistant surface, and minimize cracking. We can spray with a waterproof membrane, and seal your leaking pool, or use our polyaspartic for the cosmetic finish you are looking for. Inquire today for your many options to your pool area.

  • Ponds

    Ameraguard’s specialty is polyurea waterproofing coatings. Our U-6900 has an elongation of 650%, which means it stretches to keep your membrane from leaking. We use geotextiles to provide a base to spray over for decades of protection!

  • Garage Flooring

    Ameraguard offers a wide variety of finishes for your garage floor. We offer unlimited color customizations in chip, quartz, or classic styles. Our polyaspartic base will outperform any do it yourself material, and will hold up to your car tires heat and gasoline.

  • Decorative Flooring

    Our flooring can come in a variety of finishes. Our most decorative flooring is our quartz, or sand finish. We do however have metallic flooring options for that stained look. Our polyaspartic will outperform the epoxies and urethanes on the market today.

  • Decks

    Our polyaspartic clear is a coating second to none. It is very chemical resistant and can stretch to protect minor cracks. It can seal your wood deck for that look to last years. Gone are the days where you have to seal your deck every year or two!