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Residential & Garage Floor Coatings

American Elite Outfitters residential and garage floor coatings are the strongest solutions to keep your floors, ponds, pool, & decks protected. American Elite Outfitters can spray and cover a variety of residential applications. We offer our spray coating in many colors and finishes so you can fully customize your residential areas in any way you like. American Elite Outfitters residential coatings offer added protection and non-slip surfaces that protect against the elements and heavy foot traffic. Make your home more enjoyable, last longer, and keep its value with American Elite Outfitters protective coatings.

Garage Flooring

Photo of garage flooring coatingsAmerican Elite Outfitters offers a wide variety of finishes for your garage floor coatings. We offer unlimited color customizations in chip, quartz, or classic styles. Our polyaspartic base will outperform any do it yourself material, and will hold up to your car tires heat and gasoline. You love working on your car – your garage floor doesn’t. Keep your floor protected and don’t let the value of your home drop from a damaged floor. Using American Elite Outfitters garage floor coatings will protect against any possible damage and is the best choice for keeping your garage clean and safe.


Photo of poolsYour pool demands a cool and slip resistant surface to keep your kids and guests safe while swimming. American Elite Outfitters can help your pool remain fun and secure all while minimizing cracking and water or sun damage. We can spray with a waterproof membrane, and seal your leaking pool, or use our polyaspartic spray for the cosmetic finish you are looking for. Inquire today for your many options to your pool area.


Photo of deckOur polyaspartic clear coating is a coating second to none. It is very chemical resistant and can stretch to protect minor cracks or chips in your deck surface. It can seal your wood deck to create a beautiful finish that will last years and keep wood rot and termites out. Gone are the days where you have to seal your deck every year or two!

Decorative Flooring

Picture of decorative flooringOur flooring can come in a variety of finishes dependent upon what look you are trying to accomplish. Our most decorative flooring is our beautiful quartz and sand finishes which can be applied to almost any surface. We do however have metallic flooring options for that stained rustic look. Our polyaspartic spray will outperform the epoxies and urethanes on the market today and give you a better looking and longer lasting floor that can be enjoyed for years.


Photo of pondAmerican Elite Outfitters’s specialty is polyurea waterproofing coatings. Our U-6900 has an elongation of 650%, which means it stretches to keep your pond membrane from leaking. We use geotextiles to provide a base to spray over for decades of protection. Enjoy your pond without ever having to worry if it will leak or dry up!

About American Elite Outfitters

American Elite Outfitters of San Antonio was started in 2005 with a vision to provide customers with the best spray in bedliner possible. American Elite Outfitters is the industry leader for spray in bedliners and various protective coatings and has grown into a family of dealers across North America, built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality and a dedication to customer service. We are located in a 13,000 square foot facility on Bandera Rd. just inside Loop 410 in the West Loop Business Park. We are dedicated to becoming San Antonio’s premier automotive truck accessory shop. We offer a full line of truck accessories and sprayed bedliners.

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